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 Background Learn more about the media landscape in the region, about the situation of press freedom there, and read some general introductions into what resources are available and how to use them.
 Daily News The most important daily news services from China, Tibet, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, other Overseas Chinese Communities, and from Around the Globe.
 News Journals Find political, economic and social reports and in-depth analysis from the major on-line journals covering the region.
 Libraries Locating old or rare Chinese periodicals in the holdings of eminent libraries world wide.
Background Articles

External link:
PRC Net Info-Benefit: Full Text Newspaper Searches
A December 1998 report from the U.S. Embassy Beijing, China.

External link:
Survey of important China print media
by Yang Zhi (SinoFile Information Services Ltd., publ. 2000).

External link:
Growing Media Repression & Self-Restraint in China
by Barbara Trionfi (International Press Institute, Vienna [1999?])

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