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edited by Hanno E. Lecher
Last updated on 22 Jun 2009, 25 main entries

Literature:   Top | East Asia | China | Hong Kong | Taiwan | Overseas Chinese
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    East Asia

  1. Asian Studies Development Program (ASDP): Syllabus and Bibliography Collection Online
    Language: English.
    Description:Resources on Asia for college courses, provided by the Kapiolane Community College, the East-West Center and the Univ. of Hawaii. "This full-text database of Asian studies instructional materials contains course syllabi, bibliographies, and other documents collected by ASDP in the course of its five years of faculty development institutes and workshops. These materials are the core of the database, but other Asianists and instructors of courses dealing with Asian topics are also invited to submit materials to be considered for inclusion in the Collection." This database contains material on the following topics: Accounting; Anthropology; Art; Asia/Comparative; Asian Studies; Bibliographies; Business Administration; Communications; East Asia; Economics; Education; Film; History; International Studies; Literature; Medicine; Miscellaneous; Philosophy; Political Science; Psychology; Religion; Sociology; Social Work; Telecommunications; Theater & Dance; Women's Studies.

  2. Road to East Asia
    Language: English.
    Description: A journal on contemporary East Asian literature.
    Added 08 Aug 1998 (HL), last revised 26 Feb 2003 (JH).

  3. Useful
    The Banana Schtick: Studying Asian Australia (ed./corp. n/a)
    Language: English.
    Description: Self description: "This site provides information about Asian Australian writers, their texts, and the researchers who are working on them." Site contents: (1) Events; (2) Critics working on Asian Australian material; (3) Asian Australian authors & their work; (4) Listing of Other References for multicultural literary theory, and Asian/Australian issues; (5) Some Asian/Australian Web Sites.
    Added/revised on 30.10.1998 (HL)

    Literature:   Top | East Asia | China | Hong Kong | Taiwan | Overseas Chinese
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  4. An Outline of Traditional Chinese Literature (The republic of China Yearbook 2002)
    Language: English.
    Description: From the Republic of China Yearbook 2002, the official information outlet of the government of the Republic of China on Taiwan. A well written account, including developments on Taiwan after 1949, but - as you can expect - excluding an account on literature in the PRC.
    Added 08 Aug 1998 (HL), last revised 26 Feb 2003 (JH).

  5. Essential!
    Hanquan Database of Ancient Texts 故宮【寒泉】古典文獻全文檢索資料庫 (Chen Yufu 陳郁夫, Palace Museum Taipei, Taiwan)
    Language: Chinese (Big5).
    Resource type: Searchable fulltext database.
    Description: This widely known database is now freely available on-line! The search interface is simple but efficient, at least Boolean searches (and/or) are possible, and within each textcorpus you can search single parts or the whole text. The results include the context of the search word/phrase, and references to the printed edition (volume, page, etc.).
    Site contents: (1) Shisan jing 十三經 (based on Ruan Yuan's 阮元 edition, but without commentaries); (2) Xian-Qin zhuzi 先秦諸子 (Pre-Qin Philosophers; containing Xunzi 荀子, Laozi 老子, Zhuangzi 莊子, Liezi 列子, Mozi 墨子, Yanzi Chunqiu 晏子春秋, Guanzi 管子, Shangjunshu 商君書, Shenzi 慎子, Hanfeizi 韓非子, Sunzi 孫子, Wuzi 吳子, Yinwenzi 尹文子, Lüshi chunqiu 呂氏春秋); (3) Quan Tang shi 全唐詩 (Complete Tang Poems; based on the Zhonghua shuju 中華書局 edition in 25 vols); (4) Song Yuan xu'an 宋元學案; (5) Mingru xue'an 明儒學案; (6) Siku quanshu zongmu 四庫全書總目; (7) Zhuzi yulei 朱子語類; (8) Hong lou meng 紅樓夢 (Dream of the Red Chamber); (9) Baisha quanji 白沙全集 (Complete works of Chen Xianzhang 陳憲章, 15th c.); (10) Zizhi tongjian 資治通鑑; (11) Xu Zizhi tongjian 續資治通鑑; (12) Ershiwu shi 二十五史 (25 Histories; each to be searched eperately). More texts will be added in the future.
    Note: No access restriction! (But frames capable browser needed).
    Added 22 Oct 1999 (HL), last revised 28 Oct 2008 (HL).

  6. Essential!
    Scripta Sinica 漢籍電子文獻 (Academia Sinica Computer Center (ASCC), Taiwan)
    Language: Chinese (Big5).
    Resource type: Fulltext database.
    Description: One of the major fulltext database projects currently under way. The texts are carefully proofread and relatively reliable. Currently (Oct 1999) the database contains some 140 mio characters, growth rate is 10 mio characters per annum. Although the search program is extremely mighty, most of its capabilities remain unexploited in the WWW version (see note below).
    Site contents: (1) (1) Ershiwu shi 二十五史 (25 Histories); (2) Shisan jing zhushu 十三經注疏 (13 Classics with Commentaries); (3) Ancient Chinese Texts (excerpts) 上古漢語語料庫 - 摘要 (includes Lunyu 論語, Mengzi 孟子, Mozi 墨子, Zhuangzi 莊子, Xunzi 荀子, Hanfeizi 韓非子, Lüshi chunqiu 呂氏春秋, Laozi 老子, Shangjunshu 商君書, Guanzi 管子, Yanzi chunqiu 晏子春秋, Sunzi 孫子); (4) Taiwan fangzhi 臺灣方志 (Local Histories of Taiwan); (5) Taiwan dang'an 臺灣檔案 (Taiwan Historical Archive); (6) Taiwan wenxian 臺灣文獻 (Documents from Taiwan); (7) Wenxin diaolong 文心雕龍; (8) Fojing sanlun 佛經三論 (Three Treatises of Buddhist Canon); (9) Yao Jiheng zhuzuoji 姚際恒著作集 (Collected Works of Yao Jiheng); (10) Xin Qing shi 新清史 - 本紀; (11) Yuefu shiji 樂府詩集. Access to the following parts of the database is restricted: (1) Zhuzi 諸子 (Pre-Han Philosophers); (2) Guji shiba zhong 古籍十八種 (18 Ancient Texts); (3) Guji sanshisi zhong 古籍三十四種 (34 Ancient Texts); (4) Dazheng xinxiu da zangjing 大正新脩大藏經 (Taisho Tripitaka); (5) Qingdai jingshi wenbian 清代經世文編; (6) Zhonghua minguo shishi rizhi 中華民國史事日誌 (Diary of the Republic of China, 1912-1949).
    Note: For sophisticated research purposes the telnet version remains the best solution. European scholars may use the telnet access to the 25 Histories at Heidelberg University. A detailed description of all its possiblities will be available there soon (Nov. 1999).
    Added/revised on 23 Oct 1999 (HL)

  7. Essential!
    Wanglu zhan shu du 網路展書讀 (Feng-Ju Lo 羅鳳珠], Yuanzhi University 元智大學, Taiwan)
    Language: Chinese (Big5).
    Description: A major collaborative project involving the Yuanzhi University 元智大學 (Taiwan), Washington University (USA), Peking University 北京大學 (China), Academia Sinica 中央研究院 (Taiwan), and National Central Library 國家中央圖書館 (Taiwan).
    Site contents: (1) Rare Books 善本 (currently listing the Menggu Chewangfu quben 蒙古車王府曲本; (2) Poetry 韻文 (including the Shijing 詩經 and the Database for the Literature and History of Tang and Song 唐宋文史資料庫 with access to Quan Tangshi 全唐詩 (!),Songshi 宋詩, Tang Song ci 唐宋詞; Historical atlases of the Tang and Song 唐宋代歷史地圖; as well as other related material); (3) Classical Novels 古典小說 (featuring the Dream of the Red Chamber 紅樓夢 and incl. research materials etc.); and (4) On-Line Classroom 網路私塾 (incl. Rhyme Dictionaries 倚聲填詞, 依韻入詩 and other material). All databases are searchable according to several criteria (author, sentences, titles etc.).
    Note: Frames capable browser needed!
    Added 13 May 1999 (HL), last revised 22 Jun 2009 (HL)

  8. Very useful
    Xin yusi 新語絲 (New Threads) (New Threads Chinese Cultural Society, USA)
    Language: Chinese (GB); Homepage in English.
    Description: A very rich database containing a lot of classical and modern texts (prose and poetry). Although the main audience aimed at is the general public and the texts are not intended for scholarly use, most of them seem to be carefully proofread, including a reference to the edition the text is transcribed from. The New Threads Chinese Cultural Society is a non-profit organization, currently headed by Fang Shi-min 方是民 (aka Fang Zhouzi 方舟子), a biochemist (with a PH.D. from Michigan Univ.) and poet (with publications in China, Taiwan and the US), who has done much of the input and proofreading. Site contents: (1) 新到資料 (New); (2) 新語絲介紹 (Introduction); (3) 新語絲雜誌 (New Threads Magazine); (4) 多媒體版 (Multi Media Edition); (5) 電子文庫 (Electronic Database); (6) 電子圖庫 (Picture Database); (7) 百科工程 (Encyclopaedia Project); (8) 同人聯網 (Members); (9) 刊物大全 (Journals and Periodicals); (10) 中華大百科 (Chinese Encyclopaedia); and (11) 魯迅家頁 (Lu Xun Homepage).
    Added 19 Aug 1998 (HL), last revised 26 Feb 2003 (JH).

  9. Zhonghua wenhua wang 中華文化網 (Chinese Culture Net) (Wu Hengsheng 吳恆昇)
    Language: Chinese (Big5).
    Description: Wu Hengsheng, student of International Business at the National Taiwan University, has put on-line an impressive amount of basic works of Chinese philosophy, literature, and history. Be careful, though, with the reliablity of these texts, since private endeavors like this usually lack the necessary amount of proofreading by different experienced scholars!
    Resource suggested by Clemens Ziesché, Bonn, Germany.
    Added 29 Apr 1999 (HL), last revised 26 Feb 2003 (JH).

  10. Interesting
    Chinese Literature
    Language: English.
    Description: Founded in 1951, this is a quarterly magazine presenting contemporary and classical writing, poetry, literary criticism and arts. Since its spring 1997 edition some parts of it are available online.
    (Information supplied by Rolf Melheim)
    Added 08 Aug 1998 (HL), last revised 26 Feb 2003 (JH).

  11. Chinese Classics
    You'll find pre-Qin philosophers, poetry, prose, biographies from the Shiji 史記, commentaries like Wenxin diaolong 文心雕龍, novels, and other classical literature.

  12. Texts and Bibliographies Online
    This page is part of the homepage of EASL (European Association of Sinological Librarians) and offers a list of Chinese texts (philosophy, literature, history etc.) which you can download or view from the various existing databases on the internet. Probably this site could develop into a valuable internet biobliography of Chinese texts in the future.

  13. Chinese Culture - Texts
    Maintained by Paul Halsall, Brooklyn College, this site offers a wide range of English summaries or selections of: Confucian and Legalist Texts; Daoist Texts; Buddhist Texts; Other Original Chinese Texts in Translation (Yijing 易經, The Art of War 孫子兵法, poetry, etc.); Other Sources for the Study of Chinese Culture (Matteo Ricci: The Art of Printing; Selection from his Journals; recent press reports on several topics, etc.); Basic Guides to Chinese Culture; and Locally Prepared Reference Texts. Bibliographical data and occasionally links to fulltext versions available elsewhere are given.

  14. Useful
    Literature in Line: Lianhuanhua Picture Stories From China
    Language: English.
    Description: "An electronic exhibition created by the Huntington Archive, Ohio State University (USA), to coincide with the actual exhibition Apr-Jun 1997 at The Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library with original drawings for fourteen 'lianhuanhua' or 'linked pictures' produced in Shanghai between 1950 and 1985, along with examples of illustrated books published in Shanghai between the late nineteenth century and the present decade." (Cited from the Asian Studies WWW Monitor May 1997)
    Note: Frames capable browser needed!

  15. China the Beautiful
    Maintained by Prof. Pei Minglong 裴明龍 (USA), this site is "serving as a primary resource site for the Chinese classics, arts, history, literature, poetry, calligraphy, and paintings [...]".

  16. Classical Chinese Poetry 古典詩詞 (Ming L. Pei, China the Beautiful, USA)
    Language: English, Chinese (GB, Big5, GIF).
    Description: Among others, this site contains the complete poems of Li Bai 李白, Li Qingzhao 李清照, Jiang Ye, and Zhang Ji 張繼 (all available either in GB or Big5). Included are also some audio files, English translations, and famous Western poems in Chinese translation (Longfellow, Shelley, Goethe).
    Added/revised on 15 Jun 1999 (HL)

  17. Interesting
    SageSource - Digital Publications (Gary Arbuckle, British Columbia, Canada)
    Language: English.
    Description: Contains publications on East Asia (some English translations of primary sources or parts thereof as well as some secondary materials on Chinese history, philosophy, and society) as free HTML texts as well as some free graphics and photos.
    Resource suggested by Barend ter Haar, Heidelberg University, Germany.
    Added/revised on 10 Feb 2000 (HL)

  18. Useful
    WebKindler - Chinesische Werke in den Kindler Literatur Lexika (Albrecht Ude, Berlin, Germany)
    Language: German.
    Self description: "According to the names of their Chinese authors, book titles, and other relevant criteria I have indexed all entries on Chinese literature from both editions of the German encyclopaedia of world Literature, the Kindlers Literatur Lexikon (published in Zürich, 1965-74), and the Kindlers Neues Literatur Lexikon (Zürich, 1988-92)."
    Added 08 Aug 1998, last revised 22 Jul 2001 (HL)

  19. Persimmon Magazine
    Language: Chinese (Big5).
    Self description: "The only Chinese Web site devoted to contemporary experimental Chinese fiction, and art/culture reviews." By Jerlian Tsao 曹志漣.
    Last revised 26 Feb 2003 (JH).

  20. Index of Kuo Mo-Jo Ch'üan Chi. Wen Hs'üeh Pien = 郭沫若全集文學篇索引 (Hsi-chu Bolick and Ling-k'uan Huang, University of Northern Carolina, USA, 1996/97)
    Language: English and Chinese (Big5).
    Self description: "This index was compiled using the Jen min wen hsüeh ch'u pan she 1982 edition of "Kuo Mo-jo ch'üan chi. Wen hsüeh p'ien". (人民文學出版社, 1982版, "郭沫若全集文學篇") The primary targets of this index are users who are familiar with the Wade-Giles and Pinyin transliteration systems. A Chinese stroke (pi-hua (筆劃)) index is also included. Limited by available resources, this indexing project is currently set for title access only."
    Description: An alphabetical and stroke index to the titles in the 20 volumes edition of 1982.
    Site contents: (1) Introduction; (2) WadeGiles; (3) Pinyin; (4) Hanzi.
    Added 22 Mar 2005 (MA)

    Literature:   Top | East Asia | China | Hong Kong | Taiwan | Overseas Chinese
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    Hong Kong

  21. Very useful
    The World of Lily Wong (Larry Feign, Hong Kong)
    Language: English.
    Description: Larry Feigns cartoons on Chinese-Western culture clash, HK politics and romance on the South China coast are beyond description. Go and see yourself.
    Added 08 Aug 1998 (HL), last revised 26 Feb 2003 (JH).

    Literature:   Top | East Asia | China | Hong Kong | Taiwan | Overseas Chinese
    Related:   Journals || Bibliography


  22. Literature (The Republic of China Yearbook 2002)
    Language: English.
    Description: From the Republic of China Yearbook 2002, the official information outlet of the government of the Republic of China on Taiwan. A well written account, including developments on Taiwan after 1949.
    Last revised 26 Feb 2003 (JH).

    Literature:   Top | East Asia | China | Hong Kong | Taiwan | Overseas Chinese
    Related:   Journals || Bibliography

    Overseas Chinese

  23. Asian-American Literature: History, Classroom Use, Bibliography & WWW Resources (Brenda Hoffman, Internet School Library Media Center, USA)
    Language: English.
    Self description: "Asian American literature is a growing new field. It is considered one of the subdivisions of multicultural literature."
    Site contents: (1) Introduction; (2) Rationale for Multiethnic Literature in the Classroom; (3) Characteristics of Good Multiethnic Literature; (4) History of Asian American Literature; (5) Booktalk: Amy Tan and Her Works; (6) Other Asian American Young Adult Fiction Reviews; (7) Laurence Yep; Book Reviews; (8) ERIC /Periodical Resources; (9) General Reference Resources; (10) Anthologies; (11) Traditional Literature; (12) Fiction; (13) Biography; (14) Nonfiction; (15) Movies.
    Added/revised on 15 Jun 1999 (HL)

  24. Very useful
    Gao Xingjian: Huo jiang zai "Bi'an" 高行健﹕獲獎在"彼岸" (Gao Xingjian: Rewarded at the "Other Shore") (Corp./Ed.: n/a)
    Language: Chinese (GB).
    Description: An exhaustive site on Gao Xingjian with background information on the writer, his plays, his winning the Nobel Price, interviews, and more.
    Resource suggested by Rudolf Wagner, Institute of Chinese Studies, Heidelberg University, Germany.
    Added 26 Nov 2000 (HL)

  25. PoetrySky = 诗天空 (Yidan Han (ed. in chief), Poetrysky, [USA])
    Language: English; Chinese (GB).
    Self description: "Poetrysky.com is the first bilingual poetry website in the world publishing both English and Chinese versions of poetry. It was founded by Yidan Han, a Chinese poet based in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, in December 2004. Poetrysky.com belongs to Poetrysky - a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in poetry, enhancing poetic exchange between American, English and Chinese poets, and encouraging artistic creativity in poetry writing. The board of advisors of the Website includes Xie Mian, William Marr, Minghua Chen, Yan Li and James T. C. Na, who are well-known critics, poets and translators."
    Description: PoetrySky also issues "Poetry Quarterly" 双语季刊, an on-line journal publishing poems both in English and in Chinese.
    Site contents: (1) About PoetrySky 诗天空简介; (2) Poetry Quarterly 双语季刊; (3) Interviews 诗人访谈; (4) Critic's Column 诗评家专栏; (5) Book Review 新书点评; (6) Forum 论坛; (7) Contests & Awards 诗歌比赛; (8) Editor's Email 投稿信箱; (9) Links 友情链接.
    Resource suggested by Yidan Han, via MCLC mailing list (16 Feb 2005).
    Added 15 Feb 2005 (HL)

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