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Last updated on 28 Jan 2005

1. Chinese characters in this guide are encoded in Big-5 and now increasingly in Unicode (UTF-8). To read Chinese characters (on this page as well as on many others) you might need to make your PC Chinese compatible. You can download the needed software and/or fonts from the Internet. The following site gives further information:

2. The transcription used in this guide is the Hanyu Pinyin Romanization as used in the People's Republic of China. Please remember this when you are searching the IGCS.

3. Since the Internet Guide for Chinese Studies aims at providing access to sites containing a wide range of different opinions, views expressed on these sites are not necessarily identical with the ones of the author of this guide. He thus takes no responsibility whatsoever for the contents of these sites.

4. Copyright 1995 ff. by Hanno Lecher. This site may be linked to from any other Web pages. Contents may not be altered.

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