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Chinese Film & Movies

edited by Martin Gieselmann
Last updated on 29 Sep 2004, 38 main entries

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  1. Essential!
    The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) (Internet Movie Database / Amazon.com, USA)
    Language: English.
    Self description: "The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is a HUGE collection of movie information. We try to catalog every pertinent detail about a movie, from who was in it, to who made it, to trivia about it, to filming locations, and even where you can find reviews and fan sites on the web. We then do our best to present this information in a manner that is easy to search and access."
    Description: The IMDb started in 1990, since 1998 it is part of the Amazon.com company. It is a professional and regularly updated database with ~50 different index searches, cf. http://imdb.com/Help/search-tips. Film titles are listed in the transcription that came with its release, but all (known) translations in other languages are listed, too (no Chinese characters, though). The entries include extensive links to other information within the database, not only to persons and their functions, but also to categories like "Titles with certificate: Hong Kong:IIB" (738). To the left of each entry there is a sub-navigation, containing "Overview", "Awards & Reviews", "Plot & Quotes", "Fun Stuff", "Other Info", "Promotional", "External Links", and more. However, only the better known Asian movies have much in here. Typical for Amazon are the "User comments", "User Ratings", and "Recommendations". It currently contains: China - 1470 entries, Hong Kong - 4919, Taiwan - 573, Singapore - 171 (as of 6 Apr 2004).
    Note: Though IMDb is always worth checking out, one should keep its limitations for Chinese film in mind. Data are abound but not necessarily all embracing: complete filmographies for example exist only in very few cases. So always double check with Chinese sources - this includes informations on release dates, awards and nominations etc. As a rule more recently produced films are represented comparatively better, while data of the pre 1980 times should be treated with caution. Personal names are turned around (Yimou Zhang and Li Gong), while role names are not. Film titles are mostly transcribed in Pinyin, but note that there are mixtures of Pinyin and other transcription systems especially in the case of Hong Kong movies. All entries are English only, with no Chinese characters.
    Site contents: (1) Home; (2) Search; (3) Now Playing; (4) News; (5) My Movies; (6) Games; (7) Boards; (8) Help; (9) US Movie Showtimes; (10) Top 250; (11) Register; (12) Recommendations; (13) Box Office; (14) Index; (15) Trailers.
    Added 06 Apr 2004 (MA & MG)

  2. Essential!
    Chinese Movie Database 中國電影資料庫 (Lu Pin, Hong Kong, China)
    Language: English and Chinese (Big5 and GB).
    Description: A very extensive database covering Chinese films made in mainland China (from 1905 till present), Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other regions. This tool is searchable (title, actors, etc. etc.) in English and in Chinese, includes information on awards, and has a section on "News about Chinese Movies". Some film data in the database even give full text film critiques.
    Added on 18 Mar 1998 (HL), last revised 06 Apr 2004 (MG)

  3. Very useful
    Senses of Cinema (Senses of Cinema Inc.)
    Language: English.
    Self description: "Senses of Cinema is an online journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema."
    Description: Though not specialized on Chinese cinema, this site holds a number of articles on films and directors from China. Two sections are especially worth to be mentioned: the film critics (CTEQ) and the directors section. The last one includes for example articles on Chang Cheh, Jia Zhangke, Clara Law, Wang Xiaoshuai, Wong Kar-wai, Edward Yang, Zhang Yimou and others. Written by a number of different specialists, these writings contain often fresh view on film in China. They also offer extremely comprehensive web resources on a given director. Senses of Cinema is as a rule published bi-monthly and supported by the Australian Film Commission. First issued in December 1999 it holds 32 issues today (September 2004). All of them are available online.
    Site contents: Book Reviews, Film Festival Reports, Great Directors and Cinémathèque Annotations on Film (CTEQ).
    Added 16 Sep 2004 (MG)

  4. Very useful
    Kabel1 Filmlexikon (Kabel1, KIM filmdienst )
    Language: German.
    Description: An essential film dictionary with search options for film title, actor and directors, that gives the most important production data for German and international distribution as well as date of first screening here.
    Site contents: Hundreds of Chinese films are to be found here including their German or international title, orginal title, production company, distributor (if available both video and cinema), rating, duration, a synopsis and director and main actors.
    Added 27 Oct 2000 (HL), last revised 06 Apr 2004 (MG)

  5. Very useful
    China Online: Media & Entertainment (China Online Inc., Chicago, ILL, USA)
    Language: English.
    Description: Very useful to follow the development of the Chinese film production as one part of the larger section media industry.
    Site contents: Contains articles about the media and film industry in China mostly from an econmical perspective: DVD-industry, satelite TV, film market development, international film companies in China etc. Includes an archive of the articles from 1998-2001.
    Added 26 Jul 2001 (MG)

  6. Very useful
    MCLC Resource Center - Media (Kirk A. Denton, Dept. of East Asian Languages and Literatures, Ohio State Univ., USA)
    Language: English.
    Description: Part of the Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (MCLC) Resource Center this site is an extremely useful (though unannotated) bibliography of mainly English-language materials on Chinese film, including articles in film magazines and on the Internet.
    Site contents: (1) Film: Period (General; Early Film; 50s-70s; Post-Mao, Post-1989; Taiwan; Hong Kong); (2) Film: Director (Evans Chan; Chen Kaige; Feng Xiaogang; Hou Hsiao-hsien; King Hu; Huang Jianxin; Ann Hui; Jia Zhangke; Jiang Wen; Stanley Kwan; Stan Lai; Clara Law; Ang Lee; Li Shaohong; Li Yang; Lou Ye; Ning Ying; Tian Zhuangzhuang; Tsai Mingliang; Tsui Hark; Wang Xiaoshuai; Wong Kar-wai; Wu Nien-chen; Wu Tianming; John Woo; Xie Jin; Edward Yang; Zhang Yimou; Zhang Yuan; Zhou Xiaowen); (3) Film: Reference (General; Interviews; Scripts; Film Theory (Chinese/Western); Film Review Indices; On-Line); (4) Print (Print Culture); (5) Other Media (General; Internet; Documentary; Television; Radio; TV/Radio Stations).
    Added 16 Jul 1999 (HL), last revised 18 Apr 2004 (HL)

  7. Very useful
    Asian Film Connections (Asia Pacific Media Center, Annenberg Center for Communication, University of Southern California, CA, USA)
    Language: English; main page also available in Chinese (Gif); under construction: Japanese and Korean.
    Self description: "Key features of the Website include: (1) A list of all films made in China, India, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan from 1998 on, including basic information such as synopses, filmmakers, cast, length, format, and availability of prints. (2) Eight to fifteen highlighted films and directors from each country, with detailed information and video clips. (3) A list of all internationally awarded films of each country from 1988 on Reviews, essays, interviews and filmographies, plus reprints from Asia's leading film journals, such as Cinemaya and Movie/TV Marketing. (4) Press kits and contact information. (5) Links to other relevant websites. All entries will be eventually translated into four languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. As more funds become available, more Asian film cultures and languages will be added."
    Description: Includes also short introductions to and several essays on film in China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea.
    Resource suggested via the Asian Studies WWW Monitor (20 Jul 1999) by Shaoyi Sun (shaoyis@scf.usc.edu).
    Added/revised on 10 Aug 1999 (HL)

  8. Very useful
    China Online - Media & Entertainment (Chinaonline)
    Language: English.
    Description: Though this site offers a lot of different media topics (TV, advertisment, radio etc.), the portion on film is valuable, since it shows the main trends of the film industry.
    Added 27 Oct 2000 (HL)

  9. Very useful
    银海网 = Filmsea.com (华夏影海网络科技有限责任公司, Beijing, China)
    Language: Chinese (GB).
    Description: Filmsea is offering a lot of information on contemporary Chinese cinema, mostly as film critic, comment on single works or certain themes and biographical features. A number of Chinese filmscholars contributed their writings to Filmsea, some times these have been published before (credits to the first publications are usually given). In addition there are fresh and unorthodox readings of film. What makes the site also worthwhile considering are the high number of cross-references for each film or theme and the rich biographical information on selected actors and directors.
    Site contents: (1) News; (2) Films shown; (3) People; (4) Focus (on a theme); (5) Download; (6) Documents
    Added 29 Sep 2004 (MG)

  10. Asian Film Awards (Ed./Corp.: n/a)
    Language: English.
    Description: Film awards in Greater China (PRCH, Hong Kong, Taiwan), namely Golden Rooster Awards, Hundred Flower Awards, Hongkong Film Awards and Golden Horse Awards up to 1997. The presentation is done rather simple, reaching back several festivals to the early 1990s.
    Added/revised on 16 Jul 1999 (HL)

    Film:   Top | General | China | Hong Kong | Taiwan | Singapore


  11. Asian Film Connection: China (Asia Pacific Media Center APMC, Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA)
    Language: English, some articles come in Chinese, too.
    Self description: "[...] contemporary, culturally significant feature films from China, India, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan are promoted through on-line video clips, press kits, filmographies, and critical analyses contributed by film scholars and critics from Asia as well as internationally."
    Description: Measured against what was here a few months ago this site is likely to become one of the essential sites for contemporary films from China. Few (e.g. at the director's site one entry only) but high quality entries.
    Site contents: 15 highlighted films from 1992-1998, among them pieces from controversial filmmakers like He Jianjun, Zhou Xiaowen, Zhang Yuan; scholary articles; a comprehensive list of films made in 1998; internationally awarded films from 1988-1999; contains filmclasses at American and Australian universities.
    Added/revised on 07 Jul 2000 (HL)

  12. Essential!
    Chinese Movie Database 中國電影資料庫 (Lu Pin, Hong Kong, China)
    Language: English and Chinese (Big5 and GB).
    Description: A very extensive database covering Chinese films made in mainland China (from 1905 till present), Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other regions. This tool is searchable (title, actors, etc. etc.) in English and in Chinese, includes information on awards, and has a section on "News about Chinese Movies". Some film data in the database even give full text film critiques.
    Added on 18 Mar 1998 (HL), last revised 06 Apr 2004 (MG).

  13. Very useful
    Zhongguo dianying 中國電影 (Chinese Film) (China Film Archive, PR China)
    Language: Chinese (GB).
    Description: Database by the Zhongguo dianying guan 中國電影館 (China Film Archive) on films produced in the PRCh, but also from Hong Kong and Taiwan. It contains descriptions and pictures from approximately 80 films produced since 1996 and biographical data about roughly 40 persons from the film industry. Other materials include a selfdescription of the archive, links to film magazines and events in the film community.
    Added on 6 Nov 1998 (HL), last revised 4 Dec 2002 (JH).

  14. Shanghai International Film Festival 1997
    Language: Chinese and English.
    Description: Divided in several sections including history, activity and awards this homepage unfortunately does not carry any contents concerning the films presented at the festival.
    Added/revised on 20.08.98

  15. China Panorama: Chinastars
    Language: Chinese Big5/GB and English.
    Description: Rather small directory of stars from the Chinese world. Among those popsinges, models and athletes there are several actors, actresses and directors of interest. Most of them have a filmography, a picture gallery, links and a guest book.
    Added/revised on 20.08.98

  16. Useful
    Jia Zhangke (Bienale Venice 2000)
    Language: Italian/English.
    Description: Short biography of filmmaker Jia Zhangke.
    Site contents: Photo and Filmography.
    Added 27 Oct 2000 (HL), last revised 4 Dec 2002 (JH).

  17. The Emperor and The Assassin (Sony Picture Classics)
    Language: English.
    Description: Chen Kaige' s latest movie is presented in a professional way here: the information about the historical setting of the film (3rd century B.C.) are described in full detail, characters guide are very helpful to understand the story, finally well written biographies that include the stars (director Chen Kaige and actors Gong Li, Zhang Fengyi and Li Xuejian) and even more - down to the costume designer.
    Site contents: Lots of information: synopsis, (historical)background, production, characters guide, cast & credits, biographies, stills. Clips are announced on the starting page while in the section where they are supposed to be found it says "no clips".
    Added 19 Aug Jul 2000 (HL)

  18. Very useful
    The Gate of Heavenly Peace (Long Bow Group, Inc. )
    Language: English.
    Self description: "THE GATE OF HEAVENLY PEACE documents the history of the 1989 movement and reflects the drama, tension, humor, absurdity, heroism, and many tragedies of the six weeks from April to June in 1989."
    Description: Very useful, not only for its information on the film THE GATE OF HEAVENLY PEACE (Tiananmen) made by Carma Hinton but also for numerous documents about the Beijing spring of 1989 and the symbolism of the Tiananmen Square.
    Site contents: (1) The making of the film; (2) Characters (Interviewees in THE GATE OF HEAVENLY PEACE include students, workers, teachers, and scholars); (3) Media library (contains film and audio clips and a gallery of stills, paintings, and artwork); (4) Reviews, commentary, and controversy; (5) Transcript (complete transcript of the film); (6) Themes (Material and background information on some issues concerned); (7) Chronology (1919-1989); (8) Additional Reading (On-line resources; Bibliography).
    Added 15 Jul 2000, last revised 17 Oct 2001 (HL)

    Film:   Top | General | China | Hong Kong | Taiwan | Singapore

    Hong Kong

  19. Hong Kong Film Archive (Leisure and Cultural Service Department)
    Language: English.
    Self description: "The Archive started operation in 1993, when its Planning Office was established by the then Urban Council. Upon the dissolution of the Urban Council, the Archive became a part of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department in 2000. The Archive building, opened in January 2001, houses in it a cinema, an exhibition hall and a resource centre, all equipped with the latest technology to restore glamour to the films of yesteryear."
    Description: Finally we have the Hong Kong Filmarchive opened. It is one of the most professional and best equipped facility of this kind. Make sure that you bookmark it and keep an eye on their activities by checking out the sections filmprogrammes and newsletter regularly.
    Site contents: Archive Functions, Public Access Facilities, Film Programmes and Seminars, Exhibitions, Archive Collections, Newsletters, Publications.
    Note: Internet Explorer 4.0 or above, FLASH animations.
    Added 15 Jul 2000, last revised 11 Jan 2001 (MG)

  20. Very useful
    Hong Kong Movie Database (Ryan Law, Hong Kong, China)
    Language: English, Chinese (Big5).
    Description: Comprehensive database and update information on the industry (VCD-production) and screened movies (schedules).
    Site contents: Mainly films, photos and reviews of Hong Kong films.
    Added 26 Jul 2001 (MG)

  21. Useful
    The 25th Hong Kong International Film Festival (Leisure and Cultural Services Department & Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Hong Kong, China)
    Language: English, Chinese (Big5).
    Description: Useful site for those who cannot go to Hong Kong for the festival.
    Site contents: Data on films in the festival, statistical material concerning the festival.
    Added 26 Jul 2001 (MG)

  22. Very useful
    The 21st Hong Kong International Film Festival (1997)
    Official site of the Film Festival, including a number of interesting sections like Hong Kong Panorama or Asian Vision. The most interesting one is a description of older films in the section 50 Years of Chinese Electric Shadows.
    Added/revised on 20.08.1998 (HL)

  23. Very useful
    A Chinese Cinema Page
    Database mainly consisting of reviews on Chinese films from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. There are roughly 50 films reviewed with a strong focus on Hong Kong film. Technical data is given about the films including the title in Chinese. There is an archive starting in 1995.
    Added 20 Aug 1998, last revised 02 Nov 2000 (HL)

  24. Hong Kong Film Critics Society
    Language: Chinese and English.
    Description: Includes award winners chosen by the critics, an archive back to 1995 and a number of short reviews, that are often written by several authors.
    Added/revised on 20.08.98

  25. Mandarin Films Homepage F S q v (Mandarin Films Distribution Co. Ltd., Hong Kong, China)
    Language: English, Chinese (Big5).
    Description: A rather commercial site but nevertheless worthwhile: a lot of films with many pictures but also plots in both English and Chinese. It needs some patience to get the page loaded but after that you can expect extensive information on each film and fun watching the numerous pictures.
    Added/revised on 16 Jul 1999 (HL)

  26. Useful
    Fruit Chan (Bienale Venice 2000)
    Language: English.
    Description: Short biography of Hong Kong director Fruit Chan.
    Site contents: Photo and filmography.
    Added 27 Oct 2000 (HL)

  27. Useful
    Clara Law (Bienale Venice 2000)
    Language: Italian/English.
    Description: Short biography of filmmaker Clara Law.
    Site contents: Photo and Filmography.
    Added 27 Oct 2000 (HL)

  28. The Official Jet Li Website (Ed./corp. n/a)
    Language: English.
    Description: A very well designed and absolutely informative page.
    Site contents: Includes Li's philosophy, photos, information on his latest movie (Romeo Must Die) and a detailed biography.
    Note: Macromedia Flash Plug-in needed.
    Added 19 Aug 2000 (HL)

  29. Wong Kar-Wai Homepage (Lokman Tsui, [Hong Kong?])
    Language: English.
    Description: Lots of material on the outstanding Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai (Wang Jiawei) including interviews, filmography and biography. There are also a number of links for Hong Kong cinema.
    Added/revised on 16 Jul 1999 (HL)

  30. Temptress Moon (Feng yue У %) (Tomson (HK) Films Company Limited, Hong Kong, China)
    Language: English.
    Description: Made by the Hong Kong film company TOMSON this page includes excellent photos in good size by LAWRENCE NG. Best described as a gallery of CHEN KAIGEs film TEMPTRESS MOON (Feng yue), it is one of the better collection of pictures.
    Site contents: Included is an illustrated overview of the dramatis personae of the film - a helpful tool especially for Western audiences that are often confused by Chinese actors looking alike.
    Added 15 Jul 2000 (HL)

    Film:   Top | General | China | Hong Kong | Taiwan | Singapore


  31. Useful
    Motion Pictures (Government Information Office, Taipei, Taiwan)
    Language: English.
    Description: A short yet comprehensive description of the current situation of the film industry in Taiwan as seen from the perspective of the government.
    Site contents: There are data given on film imports, film grants and films screened in Taiwan.
    Added 27 Oct 2000 (HL), last revised 4 Dec 2002 (JH).

  32. Very useful
    國家電影資料館 (Chinese Taipei Film Archive) (Chinese Taipei Film Archive, Taiwan)
    Language: Chinese and English.
    Self description: "The Chinese Taipei Film Archive (CTFA) is devoted to collect, restore and preserve moving image heritage of our country. CTFA was upgraded as film archive in 1992. The collection of CTFA has over 10,700 film prints including newsreels, documentaries, features, shorts, 8,000 videos, and film-related collections."
    Description: CTFA is one of the most important sites to find material, both written and audio-visual, on Chinese film from the pre-45 time as well as Taiwan film since then. As the Chinese site is much more comprehensive it is strongly suggested to work with this one if your language abilities will allow so.
    Site contents: Activities of the CTFA as well as access to their catalogue (books). They are publishing the "Cinema Yearbook of the Republic of China" and the "Film Appreciation Journal" (both in Chinese) and you find links to the contents of these on this homepage.
    Added 05 Jul 2003 (MG)

  33. Asian Film Connection: Taiwan (Asia Pacific Media Center APMC, Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA)
    Language: English.
    Self description: "[...] contemporary, culturally significant feature films from China, India, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan are promoted through on-line video clips, press kits, filmographies, and critical analyses contributed by film scholars and critics from Asia as well as internationally."
    Description: Like its counterpart on China, this site is growing and will eventually become essential for checking out information on cinema from Taiwan.
    Site contents: Includes articles from leading film critic Peggy Chiao Hsiung-ping; a list of awarded films from the period 1988-1997; at the time of writing it included 15 films from 1989-1998; several short notes on the directors of these films and a lengthy biography of Hou Hsiao-hsien.
    Added/revised on 07 Jul 2000 (HL)

  34. Interesting
    台灣國際紀錄片雙年展 = Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF) (行政院文化建設委員會 (Council of Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan), Taiwan)
    Language: English; Chinese (Big5).
    Self description: "Founded in 1998 the Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF) celebrates its fourth showing (2004) and invites independent filmmakers from Taiwan and around the globe to the competition. Held biennially, TIDF quickly establishes itself as an important arena for documentary professionals and presents a wide spectrum of this genre."
    Description: As one of the rare festivals of its kind, the TIDF features documentary films both with international topics and Taiwan related.
    Site contents: The site contents an archive of awarded films since 1998. Major sections are international competition, video competition and Taiwan award.
    Added 27 Sep 2004 (MG)

  35. Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
    (http://www.goldenhorse.org.tw ).
    Language: Chinese and English.
    Description: Official filmside of Taiwans most important filmfestival. With informations on selected directors and actors. A number of press articles is given in the Chinese section and there is a searchable database on the festival dating back to the first one in 1962.
    Added/revised on 20.08.98

  36. Very useful
    A City of Sadness (Abe Mark Nornes and Yeh Yueh-yu, Cinemaspace, Film Studies Program, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA; 1992)
    Language: English.
    Self description: "[...] The film's complex representation of history, combined with Hou's unique style in unraveling political taboo and his portrayal of family life, inspire us to closely analyze the film. [...] Because study of mainland China's history, politics and culture has overshadowed any consideration of Taiwan, we have provided several layers of contextualization for the reader and film viewer. City of Sadness is an extremely dense film, and deeply engaged in Taiwanese history (both past and present). These sections on context proceed with increasingly narrow focus, beginning with the history of Taiwan, examining the history of Taiwanese cinema, the 228 incident itself, and the controversy that the film sparked. Hou's approach to narrative filmmaking is quite unique and rigorously systematic. The section on style will explore the contours of his filmmaking with great specificity, and other sections on violence and writing will attempt to connect these observations to representations of history. [...] There is no order to the analysis; it is designed to work on varying levels and areas. We invite the reader to proceed by whim."
    Description: This is an extraordinary in-depth study of Hou Hsiao-Hsien's well-known movie of 1989. It thoroughly analyses both matters of style (style, sound, writing, photography), and many facets of the movie's context - from a short history of taiwan and taiwanese film over interviews with Hou and a discusuin of violence within the movie to critical discussions about the film, a comparison between Ozu and Hou. One can read the chapters by following the table of contents, but there is also a "Hypermap" available, showing the structure of the analysis with linked images.
    Site contents: (1) Table of Contents; (2) Introduction; (3) Conclusion; (4) Hypermap of Analysis; (5) Authors' Biographies; (6) Bibliography; (7) Behind City of Sadness (Context I: History of Taiwan; Context II: The Taiwan New Cinema; Context III: The February 28 Incident; Context IV: The Controversy); (8) Distant Analysis; (9) STYLE: An Introduction; (10) Hou Hsiao-hsien Filmography; (11 City of Sadness Credits; (12) Sound/Writing/Photography; (13) Hou Hsiao-hsien Interviews; (14) Violence: Seen and Unseen; (15) soc.culture.taiwan Thread on 2.28; (16) Ozu and Hou: Introduction.
    Added 29 Jun 2004 (MA)

    Film:   Top | General | China | Hong Kong | Taiwan | Singapore


  37. Singapore Film Society - the official site
    Language: English.

  38. Interesting
    Zhao Wei Films (Singapore)
    Language: English.
    Description: Film company in Singapore, directed by Eric Khoo. Noteworthy films include Pain (1994) and Mee Pok Man (1995). Site contents: FilmWorks; PhotoGallery; Actors; and CompanyProfile.
    Added/revised on 10.12.1997

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