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IGCS Awards

Last updated on 10 Feb 2003

Federation of International Trade Associations

Selected by the Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA) as Featured country site in Really useful sites for international trade professionals, vol. 2, issue 23 (Nov. 26, 2002).

Foreign Policy in Focus

Rated Top Twelve Sites among sources for more information on China by Foreign Policy in Focus, 2000-2002.

Go To GeoWorld

Selected by GeoHistory as one of the top educational sites on the Internet; listed in GeoHistory 1999 Recommended Internet Links (section China -- General History).

SAF Award Winning Site

Swiss Asia Foundation (SAF, Zürich, Switzerland):


  • Rating: Essential! (Essential)
  • "Keeps track of leading information facilities for the China section of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library. Very good site, among the contenders for first place."

CEAL Super Sites!!

Awarded CEAL Super Site by the Council on East Asian Libraries, Association for Asian Studies (AAS), USA:

"And for another excellent guide to China studies, "The Internet Guide for Chinese Studies," maintained by Hanno Lecher. The links on the guide are carefully rated for their quality. The Guide is also known as the "China WWW Virtual Library" and is essential to any web bibliography of China studies. (June 1, 1997)"

Encyclopedia Britannica

Rated Encyclopedia Britannica Recommended Site for Countries and Territories: China.

Asian Studies WWW VL

Australian National University
What's New in WWW Asian Studies Online Newsletter Feb. 1997:

Contents' rating [essential - v.useful - useful - interesting - feeble]:

  • Essential

Asian Studies WWW VL

Australian National University
Best of 1996 Social Sciences, Humanities & Asian-Pacific Studies WWW Resources Contest:

  • Best Structured WWW Resource
  • 3rd Most Elegant Web System

Digital Librarian's Award

Chosen August 1996 Guide of the Month by Argus Clearinghouse.

Overall Rating (highest score possible = 5 checks):

5 checks (rated Dec. 96)

Resource Description: 5 checks
Resource Evaluation: 5 checks
Guide Design: 5 checks
Organization Schemes: 5 checks
Guide Meta-information: 5 checks

Awarded Sintercom Best of Asia Pacific


Invited to be the official China WWW Virtual Library for the W3 Consortium "World Wide Web Virtual Library Project" as part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library, ANU, Australia.

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